One may ponder as to what makes Hand block Printing special? Why should I go for it a slow fashion in these modern times of fast changing fashion? The answer to such questions will be understood once the process is unfolded....

The printing process is carried out with utmost fidelity and takes hours of devotion and precision as the block must be stamped repeatedly on the fabric, color by color.

A sense of uniqueness is developed as slight irregularities give the fabric a distinct appeal! Imagine this, you're the only possessor of the design that you're wearing. Admirable, and utterly desirable indeed! This sums up Hand block printing.

Thanks for the hard work of our printers to produce an enchanting piece of fabric that is immersed in emotions, that is produced with love. We're all trying to standout so what better way to do so than by wearing a garment that can be rightly termed as an exclusive commodity!