In this new age, we’re all caught up in our lives and often fail to comprehend the value of rich heritage. We’re inclined towards mass-produced items when it comes to fashion and have somewhere failed to appreciate the beauty that lies in handmade garments.

I believe that the emphasis should not be laid in producing garments cheaply and swiftly but in creating something special that envelops the emotions, does justice to the art and most importantly belongs to the outstanding bracket.

The true mark of a top-notch garment is how efficiently it ages and I am simply proud of the uniformity that our garments exhibit on the course of their life. Why run after something ordinary whose future is shadowed by dubiety when you can opt for something extraordinary that shall pass the test of time with flying colors!

We’re all machine-driven but we often forget the old saying that “Humans will always triumph over the machines”. The feats of technical masterclass are incredibly impressive but it will never match human creativity. Hand block Printing is a mere testament to the aforementioned quote as it pips the modern-day advanced techniques simply because of the intricacy involved.

In this age, we prize face-less precision over the visible marks and irregularities of the human touch. The eye of the printer as he lays down the block with the skill and experience to eschew any machine or measuring aid. All these factors play their part in giving the soul to our designs.