Origin Pink is my love child born out of a love affair with everything The Pink City, Jaipur offered me.

When I first came to this city, I was awestruck with the splash of colors that I was greeted with everywhere I went, prints that were somehow always unique & art that is embedded so deep it’s difficult to differentiate it from lifestyle. 

I am a dreamer and yet I found myself more attracted towards the reality of this city. The traditional printing techniques of the state of Rajasthan are incredible and fascinating. Taking this piece of reality along, I created a dream of my own.

My dream is not of creating anything extraordinary but sharing my beautiful and soul satisfying experience that this mesmerizing city has rendered me with. I wish to dress all the beautiful ladies around the world in these exquisite designs, prints, and shades that I have gathered from this city. 

As I go further ahead in my journey and as I and Origin Pink grow together, we intend to take the path full of conscious decisions. Every step we take, every progress we make, we are going to make sure the hard working and super skilled artisans grow with us. Each piece of clothing that comes out of our production is unique, modish & handmade. Everything from the dyes to the blocks and the cloth is natural. Ideas and thoughts that go into the making of each piece of clothing comes from a natural instinct that is instilled and stirred by the exquisiteness of this city.